During the past 115 years, the schools of philosophic thought that have gained the greatest traction all tend toward rejecting the ancient foundations of philosophical and religious thought–meaning transcendent truths that cannot be scientifically confirmed or evaluated. While they may have their differences, this commonality is what leaves them all vulnerable to what many philosophers describe as radical equality.

These schools of thought include continental philosophy, existentialism, analytic philosophy, poststructuralism, desconstrionism, phenomenology, and logical positivism.

Examples of Atheist philosophers who elaborate on the path our society is on include Alexandre Kojeve, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Alain Badiou. Phillipe Beneton is also a good resource, although he is a critic of Atheistic “scientism.” His book, Equality by Default, is illuminating and a bit easier to sift through than the writings of philosophers such as Alexandre Kojeve and Alain Badiou.